My passion in technology and design

Ever since freshman year, I both took classes at UW and taught myself different design softwares and design thinking skills. I enjoy almost every moment of those classes, and realized that my passion lies in technology and design. That is why I have taken on different passion projects, like different app concepts and my personal website.

User-centered Design


I have the experience of designing a product based on the need of the users. Throughout college, I have taken classes that aim to help me develop my skills to identify problems, doing research, creating a wireframe and creating the final prototype for a software. I also have experience with different design thinking skills. From divergent thinking to convergent thinking, I have the experience to turn brainstormed ideas into final prototypes.



Safesurf is a project that I worked with three other teammates for INFO 200 class. It took us 2 months to finish the design by first identifying a problem, doing research and creating personas for each users, creating a wireframe based on our user research, creating a prototype and creating a working prototype and interaction videos. During that project, I was in charge of design. I used Sketch to design the prototype, InVision to make it clickable and keynote to create interaction videos.



VERRE is a passion project that I was working on during my freshman year after hearing about so many of my friends that are women of color talking about how difficult it is for them to buy cosmetic products. VERRE is a cosmetic app I designed that caters to women of color, making the experience of purchasing products that matches their skin tone much easier.



Localplus is a passion project of mine during freshman year to explore how I can use my newly learnt design softwares (Sketch, Principle and Illustrator) to create a ideal chatting app. I always had the idea of having a chatting app with a lots of bubbles, where each bubble represents a friend group, and an app that can easily create events for people to attend. I made those ideas into a prototype with the localplus project.



I have experience working with others in a team. I have work in a team from as small as a two person team from my classes and as big as a 20 person team at the IT department at University of Washington. I also have the experience with working in a team to design a software prototype or a poster, and to code a Shiny online application in a team using GitHub. These skills enable me to communicate effectively with teammates, and finish work in an efficient fashion.

UW-IT Computer Lab and Help Desk Operation Specialist


As a specialist that helps operate the computer lab at Odegaard Undergraduate Library and the Technology Help Desk at UW-IT, I have experience working with many people to get things done. I coordinate the student consultants working at the desk with specialists at the Systems Team and make sure the lab runs smoothly. I also learned how to effectively communicate with students and patrons through this job, as well as how to use posters to advertise our service. This job helped me develop the skills to communicate with other teammates in an effective fashion.

Teamwork in Design


I worked with a team of 5 to design a software prototype, Safesurf, for INFO 200 class. We learned about different technology and design related topics during that class, and we worked together to investigate the problem, to conduct user research, to create wireframes and to create a prototype. That experience taught me about what it is like to design software with a team instead of designing it all on my own. I also designed the Uniters of UW posters with my friends in Unite UW, where we carefully discussed and decided on each design element that made the final poster a reality.

Teamwork in Code


I worked with a group of 4 people on a project in INFO 201 class. During the project, we learned about how to use GitHub to take advantage of the version control system and use that to collaborate. At the end of the class, we created a final project, which describes terrorism in the United States with a Shiny application. We created the application together, with each one of us responsible for a different part of the job. This experience taught me how to read and understand other people’s code, proper documentation, GitHub version control and how to work with others to create an application.

Eagerness to Learn


I am always eager to learn something new. Since I’m interested in software and design, I have been taking classes and teaching myself design and programming skills. At UW, I took classes on Java and R to learn more about programming. During my free time, I taught myself how to use Sketch, Keynote (for interaction design), Principle, Illustrator, and programming languages like Swift.

Sketch / Illustrator

I learned to use Sketch and Illustrator to visualize my design, create a high fidelity prototype, and design posters. During many of my passion projects, I was able to use both softwares to visualize my design ideas, and also created the prototype for this website.

Keynote / Principle

I learned to use Principle to visualize more advanced elements that we might use in final products, like a popup window or how a character is going to follow a mouse. I sometimes also use Keynote to create visualization videos to help explain our product, like a innovative way to interact with a dictionary picker.


I use InVision to create an interactive prototype for a complex project. For a big project, it is difficult to use Keynote or Principle to animate the entire application. That is when I would use InVision instead, for it’s an easier way to create an interactive prototype and enables many people to work simultaneously.


I took two quarters of Java at University of Washington (CSE 142, 143) covering topics like loops, arrays, classes, recursive programming and more. I learned about basic Java programming and how to think like a programmer and solve programming problems in that class.

R / Shiny

I took one quarter of R at University of Washington (INFO 201). The course taught us the basics of using R to manage and wrangle a large data set as well as using Shiny to create interactive graphical web programs to visualize the data set.


Starting in December of 2017, I decided to take a online course and learn about how to use Swift to create iOS applications. It is still a work in progress, but I have learned about how to make some basic graphical interfaces with Xcode, and how to code a basic application like checking prime numbers and an egg timer.


Over the summer, I taught myself how to create a WordPress website as a passion project by Googling tutorials and consulting with another WordPress enthusiast at my summer internship at UW-IT. I used the bridge theme to create my personal website, but added a lot of customization and CSS codes to make the website look the way I want it to. My personal website became a way for me to implement some of my design principles: simple, elegant and user-friendly.

OS Management

While working at UW-IT, I learned about different ways which we can use technologies like Jamf Pro, Clonezilla, and Deploy Studio to manage computers in the computer lab. I also have experience talking to and understanding patrons, explaining the issue with their computer in a way which they will understand and fixing their problems.

My passion outside of technology and design

My passion does not only lie in the realm of technology and design. I am also a videographer who has been working with UW programs and departments to create promotional videos. I also enjoy traveling the world and hiking.


I am really passionate about videography. During free time, I am running a personal videography studio. I have worked with Unite UW at the Student Life Department at University of Washington to create promotional videos, event coverage and more for Unite UW. I’m also working with UWPD to create a promotional video that advertises a security escort program at night for students who need to walk home alone. I believe that video is an amazing way to tell a story, and I’m looking forward to see what I’ll be able to make after learning even more about videography.


I also love traveling. My goal is to visit 80% of the countries in the world in my lifetime. Last summer, I spent all of the money I earned on my internship at UW-IT on a trip to 6 countries in Europe, where I saw so many beautiful places and learned so much about the continent. I believe that visiting the world and learning what other people believe in and how they live their lives is a constant reminder that there are so many other people out there that live drastically different lives than I do. They always remind me of the beauty of diversity in this world. We might not speak the same language or share the same goal, but at the end of the day we are all residents of this planet, and when we are making decisions we have the obligations to keep them in our minds.


I am also a huge fan of hiking. I feel like hiking is a great way for me to calm down my mind, and spend time with myself. I also like to immerse myself in the beauty of nature around me when I am hiking. Birds tweeting, branches cracking under my feet and the sunrise at the horizon is like a destress therapy that always puts me in a better mood afterwards.

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