Safesurf is a project that I worked with three other teammates for INFO 200 class. It took us 2 months to finish the design by first identifying a problem, doing research and creating personas for each users, creating a wireframe based on our user research, creating a prototype and creating a working prototype and interaction videos. During that project, I was in charge of design. I used Sketch to design the prototype, InVision to make it clickable and keynote to create interaction videos.



VERRE is a passion project that I was working on during my freshman year after hearing about so many of my friends that are women of color talking about how difficult it is for them to buy cosmetic products. VERRE is a cosmetic app I designed that caters to women of color, making the experience of purchasing products that matches their skin tone much easier.



Localplus is a passion project of mine during freshman year to explore how I can use my newly learnt design softwares (Sketch, Principle and Illustrator) to create a ideal chatting app. I always had the idea of having a chatting app with a lots of bubbles, where each bubble represents a friend group, and an app that can easily create events for people to attend. I made those ideas into a prototype with the localplus project.

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