Marketing: Lavin Entrepreneurship Program

Internal marketing campaign for Lavin Entrepreneurship Program

The Lavin Program is a highly-competitive program for undergraduate entrepreneurs from all majors and disciplines across campus. Only the brightest, most passionate and driven students are accepted into the program each year. By combining curriculum with hands-on learning, the UW Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship gives Lavin students the experience, skills and know-how to succeed in their future business ventures.


I designed posters for Lavin Entrepreneurship Program when I am the director of entrepreneurial outreach and the freshman representative at the program. Here are some of my favorite marketing designs.


Event marketing

I designed these different posters to market our events throughout the year. I included a banner, which will replace the Facebook group banner every time an event comes up, and an Instagram picture, which will help us promote the event through Instagram.






I started the design by keeping in mind the different types of events that we have: talk, E.A.T. breakfast, and field trip. By assigning each type of event a distinctive gradient color I can make sure that the audience can immediately tell which type of event is coming up.


Lavin Profile

I am also working on a project “Lavin Profiles” with the marketing director of Lavin. We created customized posters for each Laviners and post them on Facebook as a marketing campaign for Lavin Entrepreneurship Program. I designed the template of the poster.