Poster Design: Uniters of UW

Designing posters for a campaign that aims to tell stories that otherwise might be left untold

Unite UW is an on-campus cultural exchange program that builds bridges between domestic and international students at the University of Washington. Unite UW’s goal is to create a mutually-enriching international experience in a local setting. The program aims to engage student participants in cultural exchanges to enhance global understanding, overcome barriers and boundaries, inspire lasting international relationships and unify our campus.


Uniters of UW

We started the Uniters of UW project to promote a closer relationship between international students and domestic students at UW. After becoming a member of Unite UW, we realize that many of the international students come from diverse backgrounds. However, many of their stories are left untold. We created the Uniters of UW project to help international students tell their stories, and to show people the beauty of a diversity.

As the marketing director of the project, I wanted to use pictures to tell the stories of individuals in this project. I also wanted to use some of the inspiring quotes from their interview to convey the essence of this project, which is diversity in ideologies among all of us. I first came up with a design that emphasizes on the quote of the individual.

After discussing those design elements with my friends, like the font and the placement of all the quotes, I experimented with different font sizes, colors and quote placement, I realized that even though quotes with a bigger font might be effective in a poster, it is not as effective in a facebook post setting. Therefore, we decided to change the placement of the quote and the size of the font.

After consulting with the team, we ended up choosing two of these designs for our final product. One of them would be for posters that we will put on around campus, and the other one would be for Facebook posts.