Information Architecture Overhaul: Foodie Fanatics

Worked as Project Manager in Lion & Blade team to revamp Information Architecture and User Experience of a food review and marketplace site

During Winter 2018, I took a class on Information Architecture and User Experience at Informatics School. During the quarter, we got into different groups of 5. All five groups would come up with a business plan that will help Foodie Fanatics, a imaginary site for people who love food, to redesign their User Experience, Taxonomy (labeling), Information Architecture (Navigation, Organization of the site etc.), and Content Strategy.


I became the Project Manager on the team, and my duty entails writing Business Plans, Project Plans, Creating User personas and facilitate our Ux designer, Taxonomist and Information Architect to finish their work and make sure the group finish the project in a effective and efficient fashion.


Business Plan

Business plan focuses on business strategy, online strategy, mission statement, vision statement, content strategy, etc. of our group. It includes any material we prepared about how we approached working on the project, any thinking about the material from research that we read, and any strategic approaches we took in designing our solution.


Check out our Business Plan:


Business Case-5


Project Plan

This deliverable focuses on creating a high-level project plan. It is a chart showing deliverables and who owns them, when they’re going to be delivered, etc. and the approximate timeline on when to deliver those deliverables.


Check out our Project Plan:


Project Plan.compressed


Information Persona

Information Personas outline characteristics of each particular user type, the kinds of information that they need/desire for the app or website, and how and why the users would want the information. It should also integrate into the overall business plan and strategy we create.


Check out our Information Personas:
User Type.compressed-4

Site Map

This is a chart showing how we will organize different pages on the Foodie Fanatic website. It shows the basic navigation of the website.


Check out our Site Map:





We used Balsamiq to create wireframes for the website. It illustrates key pages and mobile app stages, with sample content that illustrates content that would appear on the page. It is annotated so it will guide us to make the high fidelity prototype.


Check out our Wireframe: