Since Winter 2016, Unite UW has been breaking barriers between international and domestic students, and providing some 300 fantastic individuals the opportunity to interact and build strong connections with each other. Every single “Unite UWer” is an ambassador of diversity in backgrounds and experiences. This project is an initiative to celebrate a few of those individuals by diving deep into their experiences, hardships, and struggles, and presenting their journey that led them to the little successes they enjoy today, and the huge ones they aspire to achieve tomorrow. Here at Unite UW, we believe that our past is a reminder of what we are capable of achieving in the future, and we don’t want to keep the potential of our UniteUWers to ourselves.


When I started the Uniters of UW video project, I knew that I wanted a video that has a cinematic look but also is motivational because that will help Unite UW promote the Uniters of UW project. I then came up with the idea of letting multiple students in the project to tell their own story in the video, because I wanted the video to be about what makes our project different: the students themselves.



I then started planning the storyline. I wanted something that captures the individual story of three different individuals, while all of those stories also vaguely follow one storyline. That’s when I came up with the idea of letting the participants telling stories from the different time period of their lives. Selena was the first person in the video, and therefore I asked her to discuss her childhood experience. For Davíd, I wanted him to discuss his experience in middle school and finally, for Howard I wanted him to discuss his experience as a UW student.



During the video shoot with each person, I asked each of them to narrate their story. And after that, I filmed them doing something that they enjoy doing because I believe that their hobby says a thousand words about who they are. When I edited the video, I put the speech of each person in the background and play a montage of their hobbies. I believe that this is a good way for us to get a snippet of each person’s life in such a short period of time.



And that is how I created this commercial for Uniters of UW. I believe that it captures the essence of this project, which focuses on the individuality of each person and letting people tell the stories that would be left untold.


Our past is a reminder of what we are capable of achieving in the future.
At Unite UW, we cherish the journey that lead people to the successes they enjoy today.