My name is Junbin (Eddy) Huang, and I am a freelancing videographer that has experience in advertisement production and event coverage.

I started videography when I was 14. My first project was for my junior high school in China, where I made a video that documented the achievements that we received as a class and plays that during the graduation ceremony. Since then, I have come a long way to become a better videographer.

My first official videography project is with Unite UW, where I covered the Alumni Reunion Barbecue in 2016 after I purchased my new gimbal and camera. It was a success and received praise from the Vice President of student life at the University of Washington.

I then got the opportunity to take on another challenge. I directed and produced a Advertisement Project for Uniters of UW, which is a Unite UW project that aims to tell the stories of students.

If you would like to get to know me, feel free to contact me using one of the methods below! Or you can also fill in the contact me form. I would respond your message when I see it in my inbox.

Why do you need videos?

In short, it gets your message across and engages the audience. Let’s do a case study.

Case study: Uniters of UW Video







* statistics collected 3 days after releasing Uniters of UW video

** organic reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution



Uniters of UW is a video advertisement project in collaboration with Unite UW at the students life department at University of Washington. The purpose of the video is to promote Uniters of UW project, which is a project aiming to tell the stories of members of Unite UW to the school, while building up the brand of Unite UW and help facilitate our fall recruitment process.



After only 3 days, we saw a 94% increase in page likes, and 32 more people started following Unite UW Facebook Page. Without even using the paid promotion method, the page was able to have 3803 organic reach, setting a new record for the page. We have 38 reactions on the video, and 12 viewers even shared the video with their friends.



We got a lot of positive feedback from viewers of our page. Here are some of their comments.

Oh my god! I love love love this video so much. So glad I got to be part of this wonderful program. — Noura Kaabi


What an awesome video! Kudos to the creators! — Mb Ray-k

Advantages of Videos

I Engages Audience

Combination of Videos and sounds helps engage audiences. Viewers are ready to listen as long as you follow up with valuable and concise content. As a matter of fact, consumers are over 27 times more likely to click on an online video ad than a standard banner ad.

II Prompts shares

Internet users are naturally more inclined to share videos. They are quick, concise and relatable—all key components of being shareworthy. In fact, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

III Provide Rich Content

Visual aesthetics combined witormation therein – instead of a graph followed by a paragraph explaining it. Videos are intrinsically rich with content, which is more fulfilling than viewing simple images or tedious words.

IV Displays nonverbal communication

With video, viewers are able to determine exactly what the speaker is trying to get across by observing body language, verbal tone and other visual cues.

V comprises all other mediums

Video has the ability to include all other visual and auditory content. A video can consist of a podcast and an article all in one and include limitless images, infographics, and text. No other medium has this ability.

VI Incites action

Almost every professional video includes a call-to-action, just like most blog posts and podcasts, the results are more satisfactory. KISSmetrics found that a call-to-action with a video produces 380% more clicks than a regular sidebar call-to-action.

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